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Drakensang Online Description

Join the epic saga of this action-packed role-playing browser game, as you fight against hordes of evil enemies and are rewarded with the ultimate prize of honor and glory...


Drakensang Online is an intense fantasy-themed RPG that leaves you breathless and wanting more. This free-to-play browser-based game is adapted from the popular Drakensang PC game. Set in a dark and dangerous world, you slip into the role of gallant hero, taking on the most evil of monsters, dragons, and even the mighty devil himself. Fortune favors the brave in this fantastical role-playing game, as you are taken into a miriad of mysterious and frightening dungeons, where evil roams free. Show your strength as a warrior and hero, as you courageously slay the fiercest of opponents.

As you journey across the baron land, you scout for valuable treasure, equipment, and items that can assist you in battle. There is a powerful crafting system to be mastered in Drakensang Online that will enable you to transform ordinary items into mighty weapons of destruction. Collect dropped items and upgrade your characters and heroes, and fight your way to the top to earn fame and fortune. The fantasy-themed RPG presents a true masterpiece in gaming with light and dark shadows, shimmering and reflecting surfaces, fire and water effects, as well as intricate game environments. You wouldn't believe that this is playable in the browser of your choice judging from the graphics. This certainly allows you to truly immerse yourself in this medieval world full of fantastical lore.

There are a host of challenges that await you in underground vaults and dungeons, set amongst a rich fantasy-themed storyline. By learning new and powerful skills, you gather the courage to take on the most ferocious boss monsters in Drakensang Online. The browser game is free-to-play and doesn't require a client download, enabling you to access the game from any PC all over the world. All you have to do is register an account and start playing!

by Kyle Hayth

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